I'm Taycie. I'm 20. This is the most lovely blog because it is dedicated to the greatest band that ever lived, My Chemical Romance. I also post a shit ton of Supernatural and Sherlock so if you're into that too, good for you. :))


Gerard Way - No Underwear (by JusyAnotherKilljoy)

jesus christ this clip man 


Petition to get Gerard to a doctor


Apparently this, Donnie, is how one sucks a fuck.

Do you ever just have talks with your crush and you just:



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When I’m 90 I’m still not gonna be over My Chemical Romance’s breakup

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Being on your period like: So give them blood, blood gallons of the stuff! Give them all that they can drink and it will never be enough. So give them blood, blood, blood. Grab a glass because there's going to be a flood!


all work and no plays makes jack a dull boy.


My favorite women of Afro Punk 2K14. It was really hard to pick just 10.

Photo taken by me:




If you see yourself in any of my photos and would like me to tag you, please message me.

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  • if you are a vegan
  • great!
  • tell me and i will never serve you meat and/or try to question you about it
  • but if you ever
  • ever
  • tell me that im a killer
  • or try to make me feel bad
  • for eating meat
  • i
  • will
  • eat
  • you

ok but consider this: you should feel bad.

ok but consider this: i WILL eat you


In honor of Autumn coming soon, here are some happy dogs that love the fall weather are aren’t afraid to show it. Have a great day everyone.



I petition that the entire website of Instagram needs to be shutdown forever. No picture could ever live up this masterpiece.

This meme is so good it has end credits